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Dongguan Rong Sheng Machinery was established in 1996, the main business is: to assist customers in the whole plant planning, design. Provide high efficiency and high quality factory for customers to visit and communicate. Provide high quality after-sales service. The main products of Dongguan Rong Sheng Machinery are: “Rong Sheng” series of assembly line products. “Rongsheng brand” series of complete equipment. “Rongsheng brand” series of molding auxiliary equipment.
Dongguan Rongsheng Machinery, after twenty-six years of experience, insists on the enterprise management concept of “Collecting the essence of many, creating the perfect embodiment”. We have created a good reputation in Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan and other regions. In addition to domestic sales, our products have been exported to India, Vietnam and other countries. In order to seek a farther and better development of the company. The company will, as always, with high quality products, reasonable prices, quality service for all new and old customers, sincerely hope to create a better future with you.

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